Combining systems thinking and hands-on work to simplify complex experiences.

From Concept to MVP

I led and managed strategy, research and design for this B2B mobile app for executive users to get real time sales updates.

Experience Overhaul Delivers on Brand Promise

The improved design increased usage and delivered on the brand promise of “simple to use, view from anywhere on any device at any time.”

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Desktop and mobile navigation

Navigation Redesign

An enterprise product had a confusing navigation which customers could not use, our team redesigned it, made it responsive and improved the usability.

Strategy & Research

A selection projects used for the purpose of clarifying direction and team alignment.

Storyboard Sketch

Discovery Through Design Experiments

Working with customers to apply early phase discovery, concept testing and iterative design to learn from a mobile e-commerce purchase flow.

Design Thinking mapping

Design Thinking in Action

A selection of team activities and workshops using design thinking that I have facilitated.

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