Highlights of Key Research Insights

Who did we interview?

Arena General Managers
Users of Ticketmaster Ticker app
Arena Marketing Managers
internal subject matter experts
Account Managers
Chief Revenue Officer

Summary of Insights

  • Venue managers are on the go and in meetings, often not sitting at a desk by thier computer
  • Many Paciolan products are for the hands-on ticketing staff, the venue executives and managers need an easy way to get timely information
  • The day a new event goes on sale, the venue managers need to monitor sale progress regardless of where they are located
  • Venue executives are familiar with the Ticketmaster Ticker product, and at industry event see their friends using it. They want to have a "cool" modern product like that one.
  • Having an app would make Paciolan more competitive in the marketplace

Pain Points

  • Current reports are cumbersome excel or pdf docs, making it difficult to read unless they are sitting in front of a computer. Since the General Managers are in and out of the building so often, it is quite inconvenient.
  • Most of the reporting is in the ticketing software, and using the ticketing system is complicated and not part of their regular business process
  • Calling the ticket office for updates does not feel fast and easy for them
  • Cannot easily compare similar past events to current sales with existing reports, knowing that information help them understand if they same types of events sell in a similar manner.
  • Want an easier way to get fast and accurate information on the number of people scanning into the event on the day of the event


  1. Users need the convenience of having information on their phones. This gives them the flexibility to keep up-to-date on sales no matter where they are or what they are doing.
  2. The data must be accurate or else their trust will be lost.
  3. The sales data should be near "real time" with a timestamp of the most recent update.
  4. Number of tickets sold daily and daily dollar amount sold are high priority pieces of data to display in the first release.
  5. Monitoring ticket scanning on the day of the event is important, so if it is not in the first release it should be done soon after.
“I want Paciolan to have a cool app too”
“When I go to an industry conference, everyone around me is using the Ticketmaster app to check their sales”