Highlights of Competitive Research

Paciolan did not have an existing product with the functionality that our team needed to create. We looked at similar products in the live event industry from Ticketmaster and Eventbrite. In addition we looked at desktop and mobile apps in the FinTech sector because those products also need to display simplified financial data.


 Robinhood app screens

Robinhood is one of the most popular modern FinTech apps and has gotten many accolades for its design. Our team created accounts in this app to study its interaction and visual design. Robinhood has updated their design, but the image above reflects the version we used during this project.

Ticketmaster Ticker

The leading product is an iOS and Android mobile app from Ticketmaster called “Ticker”. It tracks high level financials of event sales in near real time and users can create lists of “favorite” events that are important to monitor. It also has functionality for the day of the event, such as the number of people scanning into the venue.

Via a Google search we found this SlideShare report from a Ticketmaster UX Designer regarding this product which helped us get additional insights.

In addition my team and I found product information on YouTube.com and the Ticketmaster web site.

Eventbrite Organizer

This product helps event organizers manage and track sales with real time reporting and analytics from any device, whether desktop, tablet or phone. This product is accessible to anyone who creates an event on Eventbrite. Therefore, our team created a few “fake” events so that we could study the functionality and analytics.